Watch cool movies.
Talk (a lot) about cool movies.
Connect with other movie lovers from different places with different perspectives.
Make new friends and learn a whole lot about film festivals, arthouse theaters, and film culture.


Our National Teen Film Club is hosted and produced by CAFILM Education in collaboration with several other regional film organizations around the country. One Saturday a month, participating students (ages 14–18) from around the country get exclusive, free online access to an independent film curated by one of the film organizations. After viewing the film, everyone comes together via Zoom for a 90-minute live, moderated discussion focused on creative interpretation and critical analysis of the film.

As film educators, we recognize the significant impact systemic racism has had on students of color. And as a long-standing arts organization, we acknowledge that we have contributed to this problem by not adequately reflecting the racial diversity of our community in our organization, our artists, and our audiences. We are actively engaged in learning how to do better.

Inherent in that work is our commitment to cultivating Movie Room as a safe and inclusive environment for all young cinephiles, and we would like to encourage Black, Indigenous and all students of color to join our Movie Room community. All students ages 14–18 are welcome to apply—we have lots of capacity for every film fan!


    • Build a national cohort of students passionate about cinema and provide a consistent space for them to interact with each other.
    • Give students the opportunity to access and engage with exclusive film content.
    • Cultivate critical film analysis and interpersonal communication skills crucial to students’ personal and professional development.
    • Foster empathy and cultural awareness through the examination of characters and communities in film.
    • Build community through the exchange of ideas among a diverse group of young film enthusiasts from around the country.
    • Introduce students to different types of institutions and organizations dedicated to film exhibition and explore vocational opportunities in the industry.
    • Demonstrate the importance of networking through consistent program participation as a means to professional development.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].